Indigenous to Cornwall, a Spriggan is a goblin like creature with a fondness for treasure, which often leads them to setting up base in ruins and castles where they guard wealth and artifacts.

In folklore Edit

Spriggans were grotesquely ugly, found at old ruins and barrows guarding buried treasure and generally acting as fairy bodyguards. They were also said to be busy thieves. Though usually small, they had the ability to swell to enormous size (they're sometimes speculated to be the ghosts of the old giants).

Certainly their disposition was poor, and they caused mischief to those who offended them. They sent storms to blight crops, and sometimes stole away mortal children, leaving their ugly changelings in their place. There is a story of an old woman who got the better of a band of Spriggans by turning her clothing inside-out (turning clothing being as effective as Holy Water or iron in repelling fairies) to gain their loot.

The Spriggan is one member of Fae legend who will not be winning and beauty pageants anytime soon. Spriggans are paticularly ugly in appearence often described as short little men with large feet, crooked features and bodies. Their custom dress is decorated with pieces of stone. Spriggan's are notorious child snatchers, and with their protective nature, parents have little chance for recovering their child. Spriggan's are also often thought to be responsible for bad weather, whirlwinds, and illness.Like Pixies and Will o' wisps Spriggan's enjoy leading travellers astray, however unlike pixies and will o' wisps, spriggan's do so with the intention of leading people into danger.