The clurichaun or clobhair in O'Kearney, is an Irish fairy which resembles the leprechaun. Some folklorists
Leprechaun or Clurichaun
describe the clurichaun as a night "form" of the leprechaun, who goes out to drink after finishing his daily chores. Others regard them as regional variations on the same creature.

clurichauns of The Folklore Season 1 2019 2020

The Clurichauns (101)

Bucket of Water (102)

Dance of Leprechauns (103)

The Old Jug (104)

A Deep Dive (105)

House of Wood (106)

Ping Ball Go (107)

Spirit Halloween (108)

Friday Nights (109)

The Red Brothers And Sisters (110)

Team Up (111)

Earth Globe (112)

Dead Horse Drop (113)

Alone Wolf (114)

Where The Worm Go's (115)

Mop it Up (116)

An Unlucky Day (117)

Presents of Gifts (118)

A Snow Day With Hot Cocoa (119)

A Bucket of Beer (120)

Stuck in An Elevator (121)

Ship Far Away Sea (122)

Role in Myths:Edit

Clurichauns are said to always be drunk. However, unlike their cousins, they are surly. Many fables conclude clurichauns enjoy riding sheep and dogs at night. If you treat them well they will protect your wine cellar, and if mistreated, they will wreak havoc on your home and spoil your wine stock. In some tales, they act as buttery spirits, plaguing drunkards or dishonest servants who steal wine; if the victim attempts to move away from their tormentor, the clurichaun will hop into a cask to accompany them.

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